Marrying and Sponsoring A mexican resident

Marrying and Sponsoring A mexican resident

Wedding to a Mexican resident and spousal sponsorship to Canada beneath the Family Sponsorship system is really a process that is complex. These pages is made to show you throughout your wedding to a Mexican resident as well as the sponsorship process that is spousal.


Marriage up to A mexican resident

Every nation features its own rules that apply to its residents marrying an individual from a various nation. Engaged and getting married to A mexican resident with the goal of ultimately bringing them to Canada to call home is an ongoing process with several actions.

You need to demonstrate to Mexican officials that they’re not presently hitched to someone else – either you’ve got never ever been hitched or all divorces are finalized – that your particular identity is proven, and therefore you’ve got never ever committed any crimes in Mexico. This is accomplished by giving different papers including an Affidavit of Single reputation to your Mexican federal government either in Mexico or via a Mexican embassy.

If you wish to bring your Mexican partner or partner to call home in Canada, you have to then register a sponsorship application in order for them to develop into a permanent resident. In Canada while their application is in process, they must also apply for a visitor visa (until November 30, 2016, after which they will only need an eTA) if they would like to visit you. Continue reading “Marrying and Sponsoring A mexican resident”